Geniuses do not belong to themselves, because they are like angels
who bear the torments with which God brings them near the Truth,
Thus we see more clearly the creation … its route, the doubts,
And the possibility to be real…
And we comprehend better both freedom and perfection, and the fact that mercy is as necessary as life.
And the art is the freest way to recreate all this, and to find out what we were born for…

In the art some people search. Others find. For me searching and finding have most of all archaeological value. I work in a way to oppose my own ideas and discoveries, as well as those of the authors that, in my opinion, are inconsistent or inadequate regarding our most intimate feelings and the truth. Still, they are presented the opportunity to dominate and realize in a chaotic environment, while they are lacking serious analysis and necessity.
I see that the growth of a pseudo cultural environment largely vulgarizes and manipulates the role that the art could have under various conditions. The way that leads us to the truth is neither comfortable, nor connected to excessive pleasure, or to words of praises and wishes. It is not only suffering and permanent privations, or devotion and large scientific knowledge. Neither titles nor world – glory. Neither poverty, nor richness. And we are close when we act with mercy and humbleness among strangers as well. And holiness is the right choice. And firmness is for the haughty and merciless ones. Therefore the revocation of the models imposed on us because of the ambitions of some groups of our society with uncertain spiritual foundation, is the most aggressive but democratic way to reach every human heart as far as it would be possible….
No matter how it would be perceived, I live and I wake up being conscious of a mission and with a precise assessment of my genius and my role and position in the artistic activities in the world.
And in this sense, I am lacking the devotion and the empathy to regional and ethnical roots, binding the spirit to the burden of some devoid of sense traditions and accumulations that serve outdated and inadequate principles and beliefs.
I have chosen for myself a difficult but democratic approach when expressing the ideas and their transformation into symbols of the mind and emotions as a whole.And for me that signifies a perpetual but not obligatory opposition
to what is already established and exists with its role and its position in the world and in ourselves.
That is why to accuse me of stylistic and plastic partialities is very incorrect and unjust. And it is not serious as well.
Because I want to reach every soul that agitates me, but that is not a mania for embezzling, it is a way of self cognition and a desire for analysing the creation, what I believe to be divine, and represents the way to the truth and the criterion determinated by God, in order that I will have the reason to believe that not everything that happens is lacking sense.
For me the diversity should be not only a sign of freedom, but also a necessity of flexibility so that to be able to reveal the functions of every idea and its analysis until the moment of its application and its impact, till the time when the intensity of its internal life will develop.
I am faithful to my conviction, that I have to transform into an image more real or abstract everything connected with the nature of my emotions and thoughts, and to document the fanatic exigence of my spirit and intellect towards life and universe, where God has granted us the opportunity to exist and to realize our choice as far as that is allowed to each one of us!