2021. Trakart park, General Exhibition on 13th september.
“Color and Light”

2018. “Geshov” Art Gallery, Independent Exibition on Mart 15th “The long way to home”.

2015. BNP Paribas, Central office in Sofia. Exhibition in May and June
2010.”Triadis”Art Gallery, Independent Exibition on Mai 21th
2006. Opening of “Museum of the Genius” Exhibition, on August 8th
2004. “Mourgash” Art Gallery, “11X11” Exhibition, on April 27th
2003. “Triadis” Art Gallery, Independent Exhibition on October 27th
2003. “National Gallery for Foreign Art” – Sofia, “30+30 in one Media” – General Exhibition
2002. “New Home” Salon Interior, Independent Exhibition on September 11th
2002. “Cite Internationale des Arts” – Paris, the artist participates in General Exhibition of 15 painters
1999. Art Center – Studio 96. Opening of Independent Exhibition, on November 11th
1998. “I” Art Gallery, Exhibition with Petar Dolbin
1998. “XXL” Art Gallery, Exhibition of Paintings of Different Artists – curator Rouen Ruenov
1998. “Ave” Art Gallery, Independent Exhibition, on January 20th
1997. “Cite Internationale des Arts” – Paris, “Le Testament” Exhibition – Exhibition Room 7, October
1997. “ART36” Art Gallery, film show of more than 300 of his works, on February 3rd
1996. Participation in Painting Triennial, Sofia
1996. “ART36” Art Gallery, Independent Exhibition, on January 31st
1993. Autumn Exhibition Sofia – “Shipka 6”Art Gallery
1993. Exhibition Competition for the studios of “Cite Internationale des Arts” – Paris
1993. “Sapio” Art Gallery, Independent Exhibition, on June 14th
1991. Diploma Work Defence in the National Academy of Arts, Sofia, on February 22nd